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The ways we measure love

People have always measured love
somewhere in between waiting
and letting go.

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365, Poetry, Writing Entries, Writings

I will wait for you

In the space between your first hello
and my last goodbye
I will wait for you.

– – –

This was supposed to be my response for yesterday’s daily prompt: wait. 😁 But I was in the mood to publish ‘Promises‘ first. 😁

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Poetry, Writing Entries, Writings

The Night

I used to fear the night
when your unwanted presence
would kiss me goodnight
and I would squirm and blush
’til I fall asleep in your arms

Now, I still fear the night
when your welcomed presence
I would wait,
and wait ’til dusk to dawn
but you never came up

– – –

Here’s my take for #FWF Do you fear the night?