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Tuesday blues

There’s this part of me that sometimes hopes and thinks, “What if he loves me? What if he really cares for me? What if he’s different?” And I think everyone of us who at some point in our life had been at the giving end of unrequited love had perhaps thought of those things.

Today, it’s as if all those what if questions were finally answered for me. And all I could ever think of was “He didn’t love me. He didn’t love me. He never did. It was all just me.”

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Unknown love

He’ll never know how strongly a girl had once loved him.

// I got a request about unrequited love, this is not yet it though, sorry, i just feel so lazy writing these days and this all I could come up for now. 😔

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He loves me only in his sleep

There is a boy who loves me only in his sleep,
He kills me every dawn, and revives me every twilight with a kiss,
He is both my tormentor and my savior,
A precious dream out of the ashes of my nightmares.

He loves me only in his sleep,
On those brief moments when the night touches the sky,
While I’ve been loving him every single minute of the day.

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I think you will never know how much I want to take a picture of you when you’re not looking, to capture you in those moments when you’re just being yourself, caught up in some daily task, or thoughts and daydreams that I would never even know, times when you’re unaware, and unabashedly imperfect. I wish I have taken those photos of you so that when this day comes, I’ll have those photos to remind me of you, and remember that once upon a time, I had fallen in love with a boy who never even knew how much I loved him.

//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #25

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I will wait for you

In the space between your first hello
and my last goodbye
I will wait for you.

– – –

This was supposed to be my response for yesterday’s daily prompt: wait. 😁 But I was in the mood to publish ‘Promises‘ first. 😁

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It’s her.

We’ve never been friends. But I admired her.

She’s beautiful—though she always denies that—and she’s very intelligent yet never boastful. She’s down-to-earth and very shy despite of what she is. She’s the kind of girl who you would love to respect. Back then, I always opened the door for her whenever I found an opportunity. I sometimes wished that I could help her carry her bag. I know it was weird, but she’s that kind of girl, a girl that for some reason, you would love to help. Continue Reading