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My first travel vlog! #WhenInBatanes

Watch here my first ever travel vlog! ☺️ I do hope this won’t be the last time. And please support me by subscribing to my Youtube channel for future posts! 😁 Hahaha though, honestly, I’m still not sure what to regularly post there but if you have request or suggestions, let me know. 😊


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The time we went to Sky Ranch and became kids again

My friend Aiko and I are fond of trying Metro Deal vouchers (who doesn’t?). So one fine day, we decided to try the Ride-all-you-can day pass at Sky Ranch Tagaytay priced at P350. Continue Reading

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My first take on Solo Traveling: Puerto Galera (Part 2)

Cynthia Goes Online |

You could check the first part of my journey here, if you haven’t read it yet.

Upon arrival on White Beach, the same local who accompanied me to Natividad suggested some activities I could do and places I could visit. Since the beach won’t go anywhere, I decided to try her suggested activities. Continue Reading

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My first take on Solo Traveling: Puerto Galera (Part 1)

Cynthia Goes Online |
White Beach, Puerto Galera

I love solitude, but I was never the type of person to travel alone.

Solo traveling seems daunting at first. You have to plan it all by yourself: where to go, how to get there, where to stay, where and what to eat, the itinerary and activities you have to do, and how you can go back again safely at the comforts of your home. Continue Reading

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the golden tree

I dreamt of a gold tree
so high it reaches the heavens,
though by then, i said it reaches the sun
for the tree is so gold above
that it seems to be burning
bright by the kiss of the sun.

Everyone must seem to travel that tree
climbing it till the top is reach
but that i realized is a dangerous pursuit
so i asked my comrades
if that is how it really should be
and to my dismay they all agree.

So when no one’s looking
I blessed the tree by the name of all names
since the tree though beautiful with its goldness
does not possess even a single leaf on its branch
So I prayed, and I prayed really hard
that whoever travels by that tree, will not met even a single scratch.

The prayer must have worked
because in a short while they all returned
all people i have met in my whole life
converged together with sunbeams on their faces
and not, may i say,
possesses a single scratch.

With great relief, i uttered a silent praise
and thanks to the name i whispered to the tree
only then i realized that I alone haven’t climb the tree
for I cannot, and must never, climb that tree,
and on my right hand I saw the scratches I bore,
with blood, that would never heal.

(Written on 03/24/2013)