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Do you remember our first day together, our first touch, the first time you told me you love me, the first time you held my face in your hands and kiss me? Or how about that day you decided “I would like her to be with me for the rest of my life. I think she’s the one,” or that fateful day when you ask for my hand? Do you still remember any of it? Because I do. I still do. And those memories burned longer and brighter on my heart, those memories are engraved on me, memories that I know you also have. So why did you do this to me? Why did you cheat on me and leave me after all the moments we’ve shared? Why?

I thought this kind of problems only happen in movies, or in novels I read. It’s not supposed to happen in my life. I mean it’s you after all. The half of my life, the one I trusted the most, the one I loved the most. But it did happen. The first time I caught you cheating, I forgave you. It hurts so much, but I still keep on forgiving you. My trust with you are irreparably broken, and could you blame me? But I still choose to forgive you. I choose to forgive you because I love you. Why can’t you do the same for me?

// this is a custom piece request from someone. I hope I did justice to her story and feelings. Thank you so much for sharing and entrusting me your story. 

// if you would like a custom piece for yourself or for your loved ones, just message me on any of my social media accounts or email me @ for details. 

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Tell me something I didn’t know

“Tell me something I didn’t know,” he asked me while we were walking hand in hand on our way to my house. It was our usual past time, a quick game of some sorts to give each other weird facts and trivias.

“I don’t love you anymore.” I said. I took a quick glance at him, expecting him to be shock or angry, but instead, he just had this sad smile in his eyes.

“Tell me something I didn’t know,” he said again, holding my hand tighter this time.

//excerpt from a book i’ll never write # 12

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Loving her

I am sitting at the pew, waiting for the bride. My hands are getting clammy from nervousness, a million butterflies must have settled in my stomach since this morning. I cannot even sip a coffee without thinking of getting sick.

Wedding jitters, that’s what they would say. Ridiculous, I dismiss it easily on my mind. Who am I to have wedding jitters? I almost laugh on myself.

She is my best friend, my confidante, and my one and true love. We have been friends ever since we were kids. I ease my nerves by looking back at the memories we shared together. Her on the playground swing where we first met, her punching me in the face on 4th grade when I teased her about her boyish haircut, her smile when she won the interschool spelling bee contest on 6th grade, the first time I saw her cry when her dog died at junior high, the second time I saw her cry when she got her first heartbreak, she was all tears then but God, she’s still so beautiful in all those mess. After that, we became together, we became an official couple.

“Position!” the wedding organizer shouts, and I wake up from my reverie.

I put on my best smile, and stand beside the groom.

God, I still love her.

//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #11

– – –

My first time in years to write again (what I consider) a short story.

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She feels loved most

She loves him most when he talks about the things he’s passionate about. That’s when his eyes light up, alive, dancing, and burning, as if he sees a world that no one else has seen. And when he looks at her in the same way, that’s when she feels loved most.

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Heart Shivers

My heart died a long time ago when he stopped loving me, and I wasn’t able to feel for a long time. But every time you whisper my name and tell me stories before I sleep, of fairies and dragons and angels that fall in love with humans, you give little shivers and flutters to my heart that I’m starting to believe that my heart will soon start beating again because of you.

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I was enclosed in his embrace, and he was kissing my forehead when the words escaped his lips.

“I must leave you.”

His eyes were almost sad, almost wistful. And I couldn’t believe how those words so painful and heartbreaking can be uttered almost lovingly, as if in reverent prayer, that for a moment, I wondered if I misheard it and he said I love you instead.

But then, I was left a hundred times before and this was all too familiar. So I nuzzled on his neck for one last time and breathed him in, memorizing his scent.

“Ok.” I said back, as I steeled myself for a smile. “I was left a hundred times before. You wouldn’t make much a difference.”

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He never listened. He hears, but he never listened to her. She wails and weeps, and pleads but he does nothing.

The first time they met was eons and thousands of centuries ago, in the beginning of time when Earth isn’t yet, and when their wings immortal still reflect the brilliant pureness of their souls.

But things soon changed, when Earth and Man are created.

One-third of them fell. All with different yet mostly shared reasons. Some fell due to pride, others with growing greed in their souls, several fell due to corporeal lust, some with the passion to rule and know more, and a select few to have earthly wisdom and experiences like that of Man.

She was one of them.

But unlike the others, she was the only one who fall for this reason: she falls in the idea of love, an all-consuming burning earthly love.

“Let a man love me.” Her wish had damned her.

And so all of them were cast out of Heaven, and was hurled down to the Earth. She was the last one to be thrown out.

He was the judge at that time, the appointed executor of the judgments among their kind.

She was at her knees while he was standing behind her, reading her sentence. His voice was cold, impassioned, and almost cruel.

As he was reading, the ground started shaking, and for a moment, she feared not for her soul but for the safety of this place she considered Home.

With one last look, she pleaded to him even if she knew that he couldn’t possibly do anything to change her punishment. Yet still, with a soul that starting to become more human than a being with wings, she hoped. She hoped that he would at least look at her with pity or sorrow for her plight.

But her eyes were met with a cold chilling stare. The ground beneath her collapsed and she fell.

She fell with a half-cry of his name in her mouth.

– –

Fast forward a million and thousands of thousands of years, they met again.

She is a human now, or so she thinks. With no recollection of whatsoever of the past, and with a soul that must be so stubborn that she made the same mistake again.

This time, she wished the opposite wish of what she desired before.

“Let an angel love me.”

What a stubborn soul. He said. It took me forever to make the tides turn and make her first wish come true.

So he never listened. He hears, but he never listened to her. She wails and weeps, and pleads but he does nothing.

He would not let her fall without catching her this time.

And this is true: he loves her, with an all-consuming burning earthly love.

– –
Inspired by #FWF Free Write Friday: Quote Prompt and my previous dream.