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I will wait for you

In the space between your first hello
and my last goodbye
I will wait for you.

– – –

This was supposed to be my response for yesterday’s daily prompt: wait. 😁 But I was in the mood to publish ‘Promises‘ first. 😁

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Only you

Only you know
the depth of my soul
the beat of my heart
the sigh on my lips
the heat of my fevers
the cold of my chills
the roundness of my bones
the edges in my curves

Only you know
the taste of my tears
the sting of my words
the hatred in myself
the grief in my smiles
the swings of my moods
the darkness of my secrets
the pureness of my reasons

Only you know
of me, apart from the One above
for only you I have trusted my thoughts
with the sound of my voice
before I sleep

And now that your feeling is waning
and mine will soon follow
let me just say,
I love you
for the very first and last time.