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You bring out the worst in me

They say that the person you like or love would make you want to become a better person, that they would inspire you to become the best version of yourself. So why then whenever I think of you I love myself a little less and hate myself a little bit more, until all I have is hatred for myself? Why then whenever I think of you all I want to do is to self-destruct? Why then with you, I’ve become the worst possible version of myself?

//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #34

I’ve written this a long long time ago, like years ago, and I’ve just seen this again on my FB memories. I’m not even so sure if this is really from me. 😅 But I know it is. I even googled this if it’s from someone I just quoted out to be sure, but nothing came out. 😄

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A black and blue poem

You left me a black and blue bruise
In favor of a damsel with a black and blue heart
And you claim that I just trip
on a black and blue pavement
On our way to our black and blue house
Where you are the king, and I’m your lowly maid
Serving you a black and blue poison
In a guise of a black and blue rum, serve cold
as cold as your black and blue soul.

– – –

Just purging out the black and blue phrase, as it got stuck on my mind. 😅 

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