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The Night

I used to fear the night
when your unwanted presence
would kiss me goodnight
and I would squirm and blush
’til I fall asleep in your arms

Now, I still fear the night
when your welcomed presence
I would wait,
and wait ’til dusk to dawn
but you never came up

– – –

Here’s my take for #FWF Do you fear the night?


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I’m counting his music

He sits there as he usually do, strumming music as ancient as his soul might have been.

It is a song I’m not familiar to, or maybe because of years of captivity in this underground nothingness, where every day is night and all colors merge into black, I already forget the songs I once enjoyed listening to, songs of love, of fun, of sadness, and anything that is pop and in hype.

I don’t know what’s happening above now. I don’t even know how I came to be alive until now. I don’t even know why I am here.

But I count.

I count the days since I got here. And that’s what he didn’t know.

And that’s why I know something weird is going on, not just because he kidnapped me in which I could recall just like yesterday, but because I’m stuck here in a rut, in a cold underground bunker, with nothing but him and his heavenly ancient music I anticipate everyday that is now as constant as the steady beating of my heart.

And he’d never given me anything yet I still exist.

No food, no water, no anything. Just the music that wakes me up each day, making me mark another day.

It’s been 55, 482 days now.

And I’m born in 1911.


– – –

In response to #FWF Free Write Friday: Time and Place Scenario.

And as requested by A. I. Sajib, here is my promise little fiction for you! Though I’m not entirely sure this would fall as ‘cute’ one. 🙂

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Look at me now

eyes2Look at me now
can you see
I’m made of glass
and sheets of ice
that slowly melt
at your glance and touch?

Look at me now
will you believe
that I’ve gone to hell
and earth and heaven
then all the way back to hell
because of you?

Look at me now
and tell me
that you see me
that you see the devil that was me
and the angel that is me
and the human I’m struggling to be.

Look at me now
Do you really see me?
‘Cause I badly want to know,
What you see when you look at me.


– – –

In response to Inspiration Monday: Look at me now

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Lie to me if you must

Embrace me through the night
And let me feel you sigh
I want to feel your heartbeat close to mine
as it sky-rocketed through the sky

Hold me tight
Keep me warm
Even just through this night
I don’t care if this won’t last
as forever never do really last

Lie to me if you must
But don’t tell me this isn’t real
for tomorrow may be gone
and this moment is enough.

Lie to me if you must
but make me believe
even just this once
that your heart beats only for me
and this is nothing else but real.

– – –

In response to #FWF Free Write Friday: Ponder This. My second take on this prompt! I guess, I just couldn’t let go of this one in my head.

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Take me to the sky

There’s something about rooftops and heights and buildings that makes me want to live, and jump, and die, and laugh, and fall in love, and cry, all at the same time.

I’m in love with heights. I love the scenic view of anything from above. No matter what it is, even if it’s just a view of garbage pile, I don’t really mind as long as I’m on up above, above the world’s care, above the people’s chatter below, above the lines of honking cars that piles up creating the typical Monday traffic.

I guess it’s the peaceful feeling that comes with it. Of being above. The kind of peace that makes all the noises and voices in my head stop. And I crave for that feeling, that feeling of stillness and of calm nothingness.

So it’s not too much to ask I guess
to be on the world’s highest building
on a windy cold midnight
and with the moon shining in the clear sky
then waking up the next day
with nothing but a vague feeling
tugging at my heart
for the rest of my life.

Maybe, I have been already in that place. That place that haunts me on my sleep when I was young, that special place that I haven’t been on yet but am familiar like the back of my hand, a place I don’t even know if it exists.

And sometimes when the vision persists you can’t help but wonder if it happened in some past lives or some dream that you can’t remember anymore.


– – –

Inspired by #FWF Free Write Friday: Ponder This…

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What’s he building in there?

What’s he building in there?

He’s building castles in the sands
Making he’s way in my heart
He’s building words in the sky
Sprinkling me with love
He’s building towers out of paper cups
To anchor me from up above
He’s building my life before he sleeps
And I am nothing but his dream.

– – –

In response to Inspiration Monday: What’s he building in there?


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I will trade

I will trade

My soul
for your kiss
My eyes
for your smiles
My breath
for your whispers
My skin
for your touch
My hands
for your embrace
My feet
for your presence,
and if that still isn’t enough
I will give up my life
just to see you through.

– – –
In response to Daily Prompt: Barter System. I guess, I wouldn’t last long in the barter system then. 🙂