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I used to be confident on what lies ahead of me. That’s why I’m sure of the decisions I make, and the decisions I take, because I know where my feet shall go. But lately, my visions for the future had gone blurry, and awry, and I feel like everything is falling apart, and anywhere I look, whether inside my heart and my mind or outside of me, confusion and anxiety abounds. Everything is just bleak and foggy, and I feel like the grounds beneath my feet, on where I stand, are collapsing as fast as a quicksand, and I don’t freaking know where to go from here.

//excerpt from a book i’ll never write # 36

AN. I haven’t posted for such a long time! I was soooo busy. By the way, I just changed my email provider for this blog, so please bear with me! I’m not so sure yet how this one will perform or look. But you can now reply on this. =) so if you have any comments or suggestions or requests, just let me know. Though I must warn you that I’m not so good with requests. =)

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Too good to be true

I think everyone of us has their own version of too good to be true kind of wishes. Wishes that we don’t dare to ask the universe because it seems to good to be true if it happens, wishes that seem like the universe will have to turn itself inside out just to make it come true.

He places his lips lightly against mine.

*Kindle edition of Hearts and Empires is now abailable for preorders. Paperback release this December.

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Pre-orders for Kindle Edition of Hearts and Empires

Pre-orders for the Kindle (ebook) version of Hearts and Empires is now available here: Amazon. 😊

So if you prefer reading on your phones, tablets, or kindle, you may pre-order now. 🙂

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Note: For those who prefer a physical book, the paperback will be released before Christmas! 

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My words are raw. I am long past using flowery poetic words to describe my feelings. Hurt is hurt. Anger is anger. Breaking is breaking. I want you to see me as I am. Broken. Breathing. Surviving.

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I’ve always mourned for the things that do not happen yet. I’ve already mourned for us.

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Wrong choices

“Are you afraid?”
“Of what?”
“Of making the wrong choice.”
“Yes. Definitely. I had my pasts, all the wrong choices that felt exactly like a right one at that moment. I’m afraid I’ll be wrong with you too.”

//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #35

A.N. in case you’re wondering, I’m actually writing a book! Release date: December 2017/Jan 2018. Check out for more details.

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Heart cells

I want a fresh start. But my body is made up of cells tainted with history. History of your touch, your kisses, and your hugs. They say that our body replaces itself with new cells every seven years. Love, it’s more than seven years now, I guess heart cells are never included.

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