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I fell in love
with the cracked
and broken pieces of you
So when you showed me your good side
I fell more deeper and deeper
that I do not know
if I would ever survive
the landing.

– – –

A.N. sorry, this is the quality of poem I make when I’m feeling too lazy to even think of something. 😅😁

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Beautiful destruction

He turned her innocent heart into a hungry mess
Now her hungry heart devours everyone
And everything on its path.

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If you let me be

I will be the Persephone to your Hades,
the yin to your yang,
the hope to your despair.
I will be that little light that gets in
to your cracked and dejected soul.
Or better yet, I will be yours forever.
If you just let me be.

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A love that can withstand

She used to believe on a love that never lasts
Her innocent heart dreamt of a life that only exists
On fairytale books and hollywood movies
Until a boy with lightning on his eyes
Thunder on his voice, and fire on his kisses
Came and swept her off her feet,
Whispering her promises of heaven and hell.

But he was all hell and never heaven.

Now she only believes on a love
That can withstand the damage made on her heart,
And as strong as the swords forge
From the fires of hell
That she’s been through.

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Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall
All I see is nothing but fraud.
– – – –

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Lately, I’ve been feeling out of sorts, my words never seem to be enough. Worst is I’m recently getting more than my normal likes and shares on my tumblr blog, but I still feel like sh*t. 🙊 For some reasons, I feel like my words don’t seem to have life, lacking of soul, and not like how I used to write before. And no matter how many people had taken time to message me to show their appreciation and to tell me to keep up the good work, I still don’t feel enough. 😔 I find myself constantly comparing myself to the past version of me, to the younger me that could write with soul, and I find my current self lacking. I’m guessing people could relate to my recent writings, but is it of any good if I couldn’t relate to my own works? 😔

I’m finding it hard recently to write, not because of the lack of words or ideas, but because I just can’t seem to relate to my own piece, and I can’t appreciate my own words, and it just doesn’t feel like enough, or me anymore. 😔 

Anyways, just ranting, nowadays, I feel like a handicap when I cannot write. 😂

365, Poetry, Writings

Forest fire

You started a fire in her soul
But tomorrow came
And you left her shivering in the cold
So she gathered what little embers left of her
As she carefully whispered love to her dying self
Now she’s a burning forest, as bright as the sun
And all you could do is look at her with awe,
For you’d never imagined that a girl
Looking so fragile and naive,
Would one day become a fire
That you could never ever put out.

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Till death give up on us

Till death do us part,
they say.

I say,
I will love you till this life to the next.
And if next life won’t grace me with you,
I will still love you till the next one,
and the next, and the next,
Till death finally give up on us.

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