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Can we stay here for a while?

Can we stay here for a while,
Where you hold my hand,
And I hold my breath,
And I fight back tears as I hold back time
From separating us forever apart?

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Walls Everywhere

I scream to the walls that binds me up,
I claw at its surface until my fingernails snap,
I cover it with blood, my only lifeline,
Then I realize it is me who’s been keeping it up.

So I dig below until I get out,
Out of the walls that keep me out,
Of peoples lives and peoples buzz,
And I see the sunlight for the first time.

I breathe the air that suffocates me before,
It didn’t change apart from how I view things now,
The air that used to kill me, now brings me life,
I’m glad I tear the walls down.

//an old post of mine 😊

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Walking away

Why is it whenever you walk out of the door,
my heart breaks into tiny little pieces,
my energy dipping way colder
than the antarctic ocean,
and I get this gnawing feeling,
at the pit of my stomach,
telling me that it is really me,
and my life,
that you’re walking out of.

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I find my place
In between your arms,
In between your tender kisses
And soft whispers of ‘It will be alright’,
In between the warmth of your embrace,
and the scent of your neck,
and the fierceness of your touch,
I find my place lost inside your soul.

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Saan nga ba tayo patutungo?

Saan nga ba tayo patutungo
Mula pag gising sa umaga,
hanggang sumapit ang takip silim,
Tila baga ang buhay ay isang lamang mahabang paglalakbay
Lakad dito, lakad doon
Sakay dito, sakay doon
Paulit ulit na gawi sa inaraw araw na ginawa ng Diyos,
Hindi ka ba napapagod?
Kasi ako napapagod na.

Isang mukha, ikaw, ako, sa milyong milyong tao na narito sa mundo,
Tila ba isang lamang tayong patak ng tubig sa gitna ng karagatan,
Or isang buhangin sa kalawakan ng kalupaan
Isang mukha,
Mukha na maaring nakasalubong mo na ngunit hindi matandaan,
Isang mukha na madaling makalimutan,
O kaya naman, sinadyang kalimutan.

Saan nga ba tayo patutungo?
Ang buhay ba natin ay masusukat sa distansya ng ating nalakbay?
Or sa bawat taon na tinatakbo ng ating buhay?

Ikaw? Saan ka patutungo?
Hindi ka ba napapagod?
Kasi ako, napapagod na.

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*my first tagalog and spoken word poetry! check out the vlog i made.

I’ll try to do english next time. 😊

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Running away

I need to get away
before you see all that I am
and all that I’ve been through

I bet it just a matter of time
before you realize
what a mess I put myself through

And I never wanted the time to come
when I will see disappointment and disgust
reflected in your eyes

So let me run away for good now
before I get too deep
and trust you too real

And allow me to be
the one who walks away
because I won’t ever manage if it’s you.

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//an old old piece of mine. 😊 Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays! 😘

365, Poetry, Writings

He loves me only in his sleep

There is a boy who loves me only in his sleep,
He kills me every dawn, and revives me every twilight with a kiss,
He is both my tormentor and my savior,
A precious dream out of the ashes of my nightmares.

He loves me only in his sleep,
On those brief moments when the night touches the sky,
While I’ve been loving him every single minute of the day.

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