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When the Soul Reader and the Lost Soul Meets

She had never expected it to look like this. She had been to many other psyches (that is what she preferred to call it) before of different persons, and none of them had this kind of feel, this look, and this very peculiar archaic-like atmosphere. Although she knew at once (at the first time their eyes had met) that he is different from most people, yet she still just couldn’t believe this utter unrest, and chaos, and this archaic-feel inside his soul (or psyche, as what she really preferred to call).

“W-what are you?” was the first question that came to her mind when she saw the endless piles of old books, the overthrown chairs and wooden tables, the ancient portraits hanging on the washed-out walls, the unlikely trees that sprouted at the middle, and the green leaves that scattered on the floors. The air around was very dry, and still. It smelled just as you might expect from smelling an old book.

He smiled to her at the mention of her question.

Up until now, they were sitting across each other, with the table in between them, and she was holding his hands, palm-to-palm, and her eyes were tightly shut. He, on the other hand, was having a good time observing this young beautiful lady before him. “What a weird talent she has. If only her talent had been the usual singing or dancing, she would probably make it to Hollywood.” But of course, he didn’t say that to her. Instead he replied:

“Would I seek for your assistance if I knew?”

She was surprised with the sudden response, so surprised (probably even more surprised than if he would say that Hollywood thing in his mind) that she quickly gotten out of her trance; then she took her hands away from his, and shot him a hard look.

What he didn’t notice (an honest but weird mistake) was that the question she asked was a question she threw on her mind, not on him, therefore he couldn’t possibly hear her, yet he did (which later would puzzle him too).

“What!?” he said, also surprised by the sudden snappiness of the girl.

“Is there something that I should know Mister, before I proceed?” she said.

She was clearly referring to the fact that he had answer a question that she didn’t verbalize. But he didn’t notice at it was really an honest but weird mistake.

So he said, “What — have you found already something?”

“Apparently, yes,” she said, “besides the fact that you such have a cluttered soul, it also seems that you can read minds.”

“Oh,” was his only response. He didn’t know that he could read minds nor he has a cluttered soul, but now that the girl said it, he suddenly felt that she was right.

By the way, before I tell you what happen next, let me first tell you the reason why he came to her.

She was a soul reader, or psyche reader (as she preferred to call), and she has been doing this ever since she learned what ABC is. It was a one of a kind talent, a gift, or maybe a curse, that she could read and see the depths of anyone’s soul by the mere act of touching them, especially their hands. Because of her talent, people avoided her at all cost, except only if they needed her expertise.

He, on the other hand, was a traveller or more of just a mere wanderer since he has really no specific destination in his mind. Worst of it, he never knew himself. He didn’t know who he was, what his name is, or his age, or whether he has parents and information like that. He couldn’t even remember his first memory. He first learned about her through rumours at the city (he had unconsciously read their thoughts), that there was this young lady who lives at the heart of the forest that could read souls. And since he wanted to know something about himself, he set on a journey through the forest (with many unexpected difficulties he had ever encounter in his years of wandering— yet, this is another story) to see who this girl was. To cut it short, before he almost gave up, he saw the girl, and the rest was what had happened above.

So now that you have an idea who they are, what happened next was this.

“So, Mister, would you mind telling me who you are?” she said.

“I have told you before, I really don’t know. And I’m here to know. And I thought you would be of help,” he said.

She looked hard on his eyes, and even though she wasn’t touching him, she felt and just knew that he was telling the truth.

“There’s something wrong – I mean – different in your soul. May I know how old are you, Mister?”

“I—I have no idea,” he said.

“Well, this would be difficult. There was just so much inside you – so much clutter and chaos – and all those books! Do you know how many books a usual person has in there?” she said, while pointing in his head.

“How many?” he said.



“Yes. Just one, and that one book contains all info about that person since birth till present. Usually, I learn about the person depending on where his or her Book is located, or how big or thick the Book is, the color, the quality of pages, the things that you will see inside, how many blank pages, its heaviness, the aura of the Book, and whether it is titled or not, and a lot more!” she said, “But you!”

“Why? What’s different with my Book?” he said, wondering how his ‘book’ could be different from others. Then he said, suddenly realizing, “Oh! Don’t tell me you didn’t find any book?”

“Silly. It would be much easier if I haven’t found a book, because it only means that the Book is hidden. But in your case, I have found a lot of books – more than a dozen or hundreds!”

This time an “Oh” was his only response again.

“What now, are you willing to go on?” she said.

“Can you…,” he said, and stopped. He did not know what he really wanted her to do.

“I can. I can find your Book. I can find you. But it will be difficult. And of course, as with all others, it would come with a great price. How much can you give me?” she said, this time she smiled for the first time, a beautiful cunning smile.

This time (and this was the third time) an “Oh” was his only response again.




:: This is my first time entry for Flash Fiction FridayF3, Cycle 44: Unrest.

Actually, I was just really so bored and wanted to write anything, just anything! (I just realize that writing stories can be addicting.) And I wanted to practice too! So you might find that the whole story, although long, is pretty much chaotic with really no definitive plot.

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The Mortal and the Secret Ritual of Nature

I looked at him and I saw in his eyes the feeling of frustration. It was slowly creeping into his being, he might not know it yet, but I’m sure, sooner or later, he would give up and think that all of it was just a worthless and crazy pursuit.

I first saw him just this afternoon, and as I conversed with the Tree, I learned that he had been sitting there since yesterday—not moving a single limb, and he was perfectly doing the secret ritual only known to nature, and to us, Beings of nature.

“What are you up to, young mortal?” I asked—more to myself than to him, while pacing in front of him.

In fact, I’d been doing a lot of pacing ever since the Wind whispered to me that somebody had found the Enchanted Tree—the tree that had been hidden since the beginning of time, the tree that could only be found by mortals with pure unbreakable great desire—and was attempting the secret ritual.

It had been such a long time since someone had attempted to do the ritual, and when I said long, it’s more than any mortal could imagine. Our time frame is different from mortal’s perception of Time, because Time is nonexistent for Beings who know Eternity.

I even thought that the Wind was kidding me in saying that, and then I remembered that it was foolish for me to think so, because the Winds are one of the most serious beings of nature and they never lie even if most of the time, what they say are almost unbelievable and even hilarious.

The sun would soon be down. And if he would continue in doing the ritual, the Enchanted Tree and I would soon be left with no choice but to grant his wish, any wish—no matter how wicked or noble.

I sat in front of him, studying his face. His gaze was directly at me, as if he could see me, but of course that is impossible. He has such a fine-looking face, and his skin is as white as clouds, and his presence stood out like a sparkling star from the darkening forest.

“I wonder what you’ll be wishing for,” I said, wondering out loud. “Judging from your looks, you surely must come from a very affluent family, so maybe it can’t be wealth. Is it love? But you have such a handsome face to even have a problem for capturing any girl’s heart! Power? Hmm, maybe not, for you doesn’t have an air of greediness. How about health? For you or for your love ones? Or maybe you’ll be wishing for immortality? Well, that is the only exception for only the Maker of all things can grant that! What are you seeking for, mortal?”

He let out a long breathe of sigh, and closed his eyes. The ritual was finished. The sun was down. To officially end the ritual, and to have what he desire, the first word that should come out of his mouth should be his wish.

I leaned forward, and everything else in the forest seemed to listen for his wish, not even the Wind dared to move.

Seconds had passed, but he was still not uttering anything, and for the first time I felt what might Time means, for Eternity seemed to have passed.

So even though I knew that it wouldn’t be possible for him to hear me, I still said, as I always said to others who attempted but not succeeded, “Tell me, what are you seeking for, mortal?”

He opened his eyes, and I could swear that he could see right through me.

And he said, “You.”




:: This is my entry for Indigo Spider’s Sunday Picture Press: Twistless (using the third picture prompt) and BeKindRewrite’s Inspiration Monday XXX (using “hidden since the beginning of time” prompt).

At first, I had extremely difficulty time conceptualizing and building up a story for that third picture prompt. Although I have almost fallen in love with the beauty of the picture, I still couldn’t come up with a decent story. I guess, for the first time, I experienced what they called the Writer’s Block!

Anyway, after I saw the writing prompt for BeKindRewrite, I suddenly had this idea. Actually, I wasn’t sure what is it at first, I just let it flow on me and voila, a story is born! And I am satisfied and happy with the outcome!

I’m glad for those two prompts. I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything if even one of those two prompts is missing. 🙂

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It’s her.

We’ve never been friends. But I admired her.

She’s beautiful—though she always denies that—and she’s very intelligent yet never boastful. She’s down-to-earth and very shy despite of what she is. She’s the kind of girl who you would love to respect. Back then, I always opened the door for her whenever I found an opportunity. I sometimes wished that I could help her carry her bag. I know it was weird, but she’s that kind of girl, a girl that for some reason, you would love to help. Continue Reading

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Too late

(A poem on suicide)

Red, puffy eyes
Broken wings
Shattered dreams
No one cares.

Sucked up life
A living dead
No one cares.

Suffering heart
Depression strikes
Exhausted soul
No one cares.

Getaway plot
Expressed desire
Reluctant decision
Still, no one cares.

A slit in the wrist
An overthrown chair
Or a high-rise escape
It doesn’t matter, no one cares.

Following day
A grey afternoon
Everyone cares
The dead doesn’t.

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The Reckless Sisters


They always loved and liked the same things, from dresses to toys, down to their dreams and ideal boyfriends.

Tara closed her eyes; she found that listening to the repetitive clickety-clack of the moving train was soothing her nerves. It has been a long day for her. She felt like she’d already learn all the lessons that she needed for a lifetime in a single day, and to think that the day isn’t yet over.

She wanted to think about her future life, but her mind betrayed her. Instead, her thoughts wandered through the time she was still a skinny reckless eight-year old girl.

During that time, the rain had just stopped, and the floods in their suburban rose up to the knee level. Their mother had already warned them against playing outdoors for fear that they might catch flu especially that weather conditions were very unpredictable. But they didn’t listen; instead, both of them went out with their father’s boat replica.

“Isn’t it this fun?!” Zara was delighted.

“Fun? This is amazing! We don’t have to wait for father to bring us to the lake!” Tara said.

She and her sister Zara played until dusk, while they ignored their mother’s reprimanding. In the end, their mother’s threat for them came true, and both of them caught the flu, yet they never regretted it.


She wondered whether they would regret it this time. What she and her sister did now, was no mere reckless decision. They had thought through this for numerous sleepless nights, studying the pros and cons, the what-ifs, and trying to patch and think of all possible holes.

“Zara,” a voice called.

Tara wasn’t really paying attention, and she hadn’t perceived that Seth has already called her. She was still lost in her thoughts.

“Zara. Zara.” Seth tapped lightly her hands.

Tara opened her eyes, and her gaze fell on a handsome man beside her, Seth, her best friend and Zara’s boyfriend.

Seth kissed her forehead. “We’re almost here, Zara.”

If only he wouldn’t call me Zara, she thought.

“I love you Seth.”

“I love you too, Zara.”

Now, maybe it wasn’t hard to get used to that.

The train came to a halt. She felt like a new person. Her sister must be enjoying her new life too with Conan.




Now, this story isn’t what I had originally in mind. Even I, was surprised about the sudden turn of events! What I had in mind was some kind of a conspiracy murder story, but midway, I suddenly found myself writing about a swapping story of twin sisters!

This is my entry for Indigo Spider, Sunday Picture Press: Travelations. I used Visual Prompt 1 and 2, and I have no idea whether I have really incorporated any of the twist prompts, though, I guessed I have, indirectly.

By the way, I used only 384 words for this story! The shortest I had ever written, as far as I know!


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The Love-Wish Chant

    When the darkness from above reigns,
    and the silver princess and her trinkets dance,
    when Eyes from the North
    and Eyes from the South
    meets without meeting
    A precious wish is granted.

    A precious wish is granted
    when Hands from the East
    and Hands from the West
    commands without commanding
    and two silver pennies journey
    to the darkness from below who surrenders.

    The One cannot exist without the One
    and the two must be One,
    not in body but in mind
    and heart and in soul
    even for a single twinkling
    Only then can a wish be fulfilled.

    For when One wished, and One doubted,
    when Eyes from the North looked
    but Eyes from the South slumbered,
    when Hands from the East commanded
    but Hands from the West faltered,
    A precious wish would remain a wish but never granted.

The Endless Knot

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The Red Walls and the Mysterious Doors of Coleen


Coleen was already wide awake. But she still kept her eyes tightly shut. She was very puzzled and overwhelmed about her recent false awakenings. Four false awakenings in a row, she thought. That was an extremely strange experience for her. Although she had knowledge about lucid dreaming and read different accounts about false awakenings, she never yet had the hands-on experience of having one.

She opened her eyes and wished that this would be the waking reality. Having lucid dreams and false awakenings would be really a delightful experiences for her, an experience that she might even seek after, but not on this day—not on her wedding day. She just couldn’t afford to be late and be bothered the whole day because of a dream.

She sat on her bed, studying the room around her. So far, nothing weird to indicate she’s in a dream again, though, this wasn’t the room she’s accustomed to seeing. Instead, she was in a room of a very luxurious hotel that her boyfriend’s family reserved for her. Her boyfriend, Hale, and his family just love her so much, that when her boyfriend proposed to her, she couldn’t just say no. Besides, how could she say no to one of the most sought after celebrity?

She sighed.

She looked outside the window and realized it was still dark. Realizing that she couldn’t manage to sleep again, she decided to take a leisurely stroll outside. She wanted to think about things, about her would-be life after the wedding, and definitely, she felt that the silent night was a perfect time for her to do so. She was about to reached the door handle when she realized something odd. Her hands didn’t look quite right. How so? She ignored that peculiar fact and she stepped outside the room.

This time, it dawned on her, hard and fast.

She was still dreaming.

The walls at the hotel didn’t look red at all the last time she remembered. Besides, she was seeing colors now everywhere. Each room seemed to be assigned with different colors, and she noticed that at every door, there were huge open windows opposite to it radiating colorful lights.

She panicked at the sight of all this. She grabbed the door handle to go back inside her room to lie. There is a belief that in order to wake up from a dream or a lucid dream, you have to steady yourself, lie, and not move at all. She was thinking of doing this over and over again, until she would find herself in reality.

However, she was stopped at what she saw posted at the door.

In bold printed letters, there was a note:






Her hand still on the doorknob, Coleen tried twisting it to check if it would open. It twisted, alright. Then she reread again the note. Now, what should she do? She has no idea what was happening, and she felt that time was ticking fast. From what she read, she knew that dream time matches the time in reality. And she was losing time by staying here.

Again, she thought about what she should do. What is the most important thing for her? What could she possibly lose? And why would she die when that happens? Would she really die? Or maybe, this was just a simple dream that she should ignore. But still, the dream had already warned her. Go back at your own risk. What if this dream was telling the truth?

She glanced again around her. The walls were still red. It hadn’t even changed a bit the way dream details usually do. Then, she looked again at the note, hoping the note was gone. But it was still there.

The Door of Consciousness, she thought. Then, there must be a Door of Unconscious or Subconscious, psychology stuffs like that. She regarded the idea for a moment and decided to check the other doors. She walked swiftly, almost flying, to the next door—the purple one. She was hoping to see the Door of Unconscious or something like that. But then, what she saw on the purple door was just a printed label.



Sorrow, she mused. Should she enter this one? She wondered what was on the other side of the door.

She peered through the hallway. There were still a lot of other doors. She felt that she has to check the others first before deciding what to do. She flew toward the next door, the blue door, with a label of: PEACEFULNESS. Then, she went on to the next, the white door: SICKNESS and PRETENSIONS. Then to the green door: NATURE WALKS. Then to the yellow door: LITTLE JOYS. Then lastly, to the orange door: FOOD.

What the hell was this, she thought. There was even a FOOD label on one of the doors. She couldn’t even think of what those labels might mean.

She decided to enter the orange door with the FOOD label, thinking this would be better than choosing the purple door: SORROW.  When she stepped inside, she seemed to glimpse a jar at the top of a wooden table, however, the door automatically and loudly shut behind her. She spun around and tried to twist the doorknob again, but then it would not budge. Then a note, posted on the wall, magically appeared out of nowhere. It said:






She didn’t know why, but the message seemed to strike something within her. She thought about it for a moment. She was always like this, always having trouble to decide, even if the decision could be answerable by a plain Yes or No.

While she wasn’t yet decided, she considered the room around her. She was surprised that the room look duller than when she first entered and the jar on top of the wooden table was nowhere to be found. She wondered about what happened; she looked back at the door, and saw that another message was posted.






Fine, she said. She decided to stick with her decision of choosing the orange door, and not leave. When she had said that aloud, the door vanished and the room stretched in infinity from all sides, and she could not see any more walls. Instantly, she felt like regretting her decision.

What should she do now, how could she get back when there was no door? She was already on her knees, and on the verge of tears, when something from behind her spoke.

What are you afraid of? It was a soothing and calming voice from a man.

When she heard the voice, an image of a man in white formed instantly on her mind. She turned around to look at the source of the voice, but instead of seeing anyone, she only saw a wooden table with a jar on top, the same one she saw a while ago.

She stood and approached the table. She placed a hand on the table and asked it if it was the one who spoke to her.

“No, silly. It was me, Coleen,” a voice boomed out of the jar.

“A—are you the one then?”

“I’m not the One, but I am the one who spoke a while ago, if you know what I mean.”

“I d-don’t actually understand, b-but maybe you could help me, what should I do then here, er—jar?”

“Haha. That was nice of you to address me as jar. Haha. You could call me Pat.”


“Pat. P-A-T. Pat,” the jar said, with a laugh.

“Oh, sorry, Pat.” Coleen said smiling, and feeling more relieved. She was very glad that she had someone to talk to now, even if it was a piece of jar.

She asked the jar what she should do, but the jar said that she’s the only one who could answer that question. She tried to ask again another question, but the jar just insisted for her to relax and to just pick some candies from him.

“You could pick as many candies as you want from me. I have different kinds from all over the world. Here, get some.”

Coleen loves chocolates ever since, but wasn’t really into eating. So she just picked one chewy chocolate candy and one chocolate lollipop from the jar. After that, she thanked the jar.

Then, in an instant, everything around her vanished then changed and morphed, and she couldn’t control anything happening around her, then, she saw trees sprouting from everywhere. She closed her eyes for fear of what might happen next. She just opened her eyes when everything seemed still.

She was not in any room or hallway anymore, instead, she found herself standing on a bridge.

The place was stunning. It was majestic in its beauty. Coleen thought that this was the kind of place anyone would hope to see before they die. Yet, despite of its beauty, she felt that the wind was very cold and freezing, and she caught a glimpse of her frail look reflected on the clear water below her. She looked around; she didn’t want to be in this place. The place just felt empty and cold to her. Then, she remembered about the note that she had seen about having a choice to leave. It echoed on her mind.



She said yes. But then, she doubted. Remembering the previous note:



The place was very magnificent, how could anyone say no to a place as beautiful as this, besides, she felt that her skin were smoother and silkier here, as if the place itself wanted her badly, and the place would take great care of her here.

Then, she thought: This is where I should be. Who knows what I might discover in here? It must be better than a talking jar.

But then, the cold wind blew again. And she felt her fingers freezing and numbing. Then she remembered again:



What am I rejecting then when I choose this place to explore? She wondered. And she realized what it was: the WARMTH. But is lack of warmth enough for her to leave this beautiful place?

She stood there with eyes closed, thinking, feeling, and remembering all the memories she could. Then she stopped. She just saw in her mind a locked wooden door, which for some unknown reason looked very familiar to her. She tried to think about it again by closing her eyes, curious what could be on the other side of the wooden door, and soon enough, she felt that her surroundings were starting to shift, and slowly she was feeling warmth in her skin. With her eyes still closed, she touched the wooden door in her mind.

Then, she stopped, abruptly, for as soon as she touched the wooden door with its warmth getting on her freezing palm, she had heard a voice. It was her own voice, saying over and over again:




She knew without really knowing that it would be best for her to leave the wooden door alone. Whatever might be inside must be something that she really did not want to see or choose to forget as the voice had said. And she wouldn’t break that now.

Then she redirected her thoughts to Hale, their upcoming wedding, how Hale and his family love her.  Then slowly, the ground beneath her stabilized, and she felt the cold wind came back. She opened her eyes, and found herself still on the bridge.

She took a deep sigh, and made up her mind.

And as soon as she has decided, everything took in its own course again. Changes happened here and there until she was back again at where she started, at the hallway with red walls and colorful doors.

She walked past the other doors until she reached the red door—the Door of Consciousness, and she saw that the note was still there.






She reached for the doorknob. She hasn’t yet found the most important thing for her, but she didn’t care about that now. She has a wedding to attend, her wedding. Hale was important for her, though not the most important of all. But still, she wouldn’t want to hurt Hale’s feeling. She has to go back.

She was already decided. She twisted the knob already, and she had almost opened the door, when a voice behind her spoke.

Are you sure?

She stopped, shocked. That voice was unbelievably familiar. Yet she couldn’t remember whose voice she heard it from. She stood unmoving, torn between the decision to go back to reality, or to explore more the deepest secrets of herself.




I really enjoyed writing this story!

This is my entry for Indigo’s Spider, Sunday Picture Press: Portals and Jars. And I love love love the picture prompts! The pictures are all beautiful and they possess many possibilities for story making. As you might notice, I used all the picture prompts, with Visual Prompt 1 as my main tool, and I also incorporated the two twists of Jars and Portals.

This is one of my first stories written in third POV! All in all, this contains 2,272 words. And still, it wasn’t finished. There were just so many possibilities and so many portals Coleen could explore! And whether she’ll go back to reality or whether she’ll decide to explore more her secrets that she herself isn’t aware of can be another interesting spin-off.