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Glass Box

Glass box
I whispered to the being
I cannot see but feel
you cannot enter on me again
the way you freely used to be

Glass box
I can feel again your tentacles
holding me close to your chest
I sigh and let you be
let you come closer to me

But No, I should say Glass box
My magic word that let you Not be
that keeps me safe, away from you and him
and anyone who dared
come close to my being

Glass box
I am safe and secure
away from anyone’s conundrum
from the world’s hate and love
I am safe and sound inside my glass box

– – –

In response to #FWF Free Write Friday –Prompt: “An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”

P.S. The term Glass box and its connotation is inspired by a blog I once read.  Apologies if I didn’t give proper credits, I forgot the blog name.

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Auburn hair

I remember the first time I saw an angel. It was night, and I was wishing on a falling star.

Those are the times that my heart still beats the rhythm of myths and dragons, of fairies and fairytales, and of angels and fallen stars. My heart is still so young and naïve then that I would believe I could fly and grow wings out of my back if someone would tell me so.

He kissed my tears away while my eyes are closed as I wished upon a falling star.

“Be brave,” he whispered. His lips grazed lightly on my forehead, and I heard the first stirrings of my innocent heart.

I caught a glimpse of him before he completely vanished into thin air.

He has beautiful auburn hair.

Coal black wings.

– – –

In response to Inspiration Monday: Angel Hair.

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I like you better before

I love the way you smile
The way your face seems to light up,
Whenever I see you.
I love the way your hands
Enclosed on my wrist last night.
But I like you better before
Those unassuming angel’s eyes
And innocent smiles.
Or have you change already?
The way I must have change
In just a year without you.

You complained about her
And for a moment I feel glad,
I heard you broke up with her
But I doubt you really have the guts.

In any case,
I’m not going back there
I’m not going back with you
And spent many sleepless nights
Again thinking of you.

It isn’t about you or him
Or about her
It isn’t even about God
Or how you seem to be there
Just when everything feels right.

I’m not all right.
I’m not yet all alright.
You must have known that
Since you pretty much know everything
On when to turn up
And when to disappear.
Or is it only when
I connect to the source?

In which case,
Are you the serpent
I should avoid
Or an angel
I should hold?

By the way
Your voice has change
I do not recognize it anymore.
I like you better before
So let’s keep it that way.


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How it feels like

So this is how it feels like
To see you again
To see the sudden flash of recognition from your face
You, standing across the opposite train
And I, seated comfortably on the other side.
We must have looked like
The actors in Hollywood movies,
The kind that ends in happily-ever-after
Only ours, never even start
With happily-ever-before.

I wanted to convince myself
That my innocent heart raced
Like in the past, upon seeing you
But to my surprise and dismay,
None of that happened.

You stared at me and I glanced at you
Briefly, with me
Never wanting to look
On your way again, for a second time
Not this time.

Don’t mistake me, for
It isn’t pride, or shyness,
Not even an attempt to flirt in subtlety
Instead, it is
Just as it is.

Now I know,
Maybe, just maybe
That this time, I understand
That this is how it feels like
To be the one who walks away.

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I Am, Your song.

You will hear me at the lull
Of every small talk that goes awkward
You will hear me at the footsteps
Of your loved ones who walks away
You will hear me in every sigh
Of your desperate hopeless need
You will hear me in your sudden
Quickening of heartbeats
You will hear me in your wail
When prayers aren’t seem enough
Afterwards, you will hear me in the calmness
That follows every after storm.

I am your sadness, I am your despair
I am your joy, I am your laughter
I am the unsung song you cradle close to your heart.

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Photo courtesy of Laura Makabresku
Photo courtesy of Laura Makabresku

He visits me every night,
Each time I close my eyes.
A dangerously addicting presence
I can’t seem to overcome.

He breathes life to my body
Awakening each and every cell
With one kiss and one touch
He makes me a willing prisoner.

He holds me always, close to him
His hands exploring every stretch of my skin
He leaves no part uncovered
My body is his territory.

He exposes my soul,
Uncovers my desires,
Conquers my body,
And steals my heart.

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I want to be Dauntless

Photo courtesy of Laura Makabresku
Photo courtesy of Laura Makabresku

She stands at the edge of a worn out building
Little people and cars that seem like toys litter below.
She tried to remember the events that led her to this
Yet all she could think was how warm she felt when his arms were around her.
She takes a deep breath and the icy air fills her lungs.
She curls her freezing hands into fists to stop it from shaking.
The wind blows and urges her forward.
For a millionth time, her eyes betray her with tears that won’t stop flowing.
I can do this, she says over and over in her head.
She gazes at the sky and the chirping birds above
And wishes a silent deal to the one beyond.
One step and another
She takes the plunge into the unknown.