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I don’t love you

I trust you
More powerful and potent than love,
And all the I love you’s
in the world combined.

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Your love must be empty

The glass used to be half-full, never full. I drank its contents and settled it down, it’s half-empty. When things get rough, I drank some more. And a little bit more, and another more. Until I was so caught up with the taste it leaves on my lips that I forgot.. Nothing lasts forever. I looked at the glass.

The glass must be empty.

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All or Nothing

I don’t mind being nobody
or just someone else to most people,
as long as I am everything
to at least one, yes one,
just one breathing being in this world.
That alone is enough
but difficult to have,
because really…
Most of us are, sadly,
just someone else
to someones life.

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Running away

I need to get away
before you see all that I am
and all that I’ve been through

I bet it just a matter of time
before you realize
what mess I put myself through

And I never wanted the time to come
when I will see disappointment and disgust
reflected in your eyes

So let me run away for good now
before I get too deep
and trust you too real

And allow me to be
the one who walks away
because I won’t ever manage if it’s you.

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I hold on to you
just like a cutter
holding on to its blade
like somehow
you can magically make pain
go all away.

But every time,
after the storm passed
and the mood subsided
like a cut,
you make a scar in my heart
so deeply, I’m afraid
I will never be whole again.

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I know that one day
I’ll be able to press this knife
down to my wrists
down to the little veins and arteries
that pumps my life’s blood in and out

I know that one day
I’ll have the courage to stand
against the cold steel railing
of some random infrastructure
and plunge into the heart of a retiring afternoon

I know that one day
when I cross a street
recklessly, silently wishing
like how I’ve always wished for so long
a car will hit me, ending it all at last

I know one day
When I whisper in your ears
and against your chest
that I wanted to end it all
It won’t be anymore a wishful thinking

When that time comes,
I hope you’ll hear my heartbeat
distinct and alive for the last time
wrap yourselves with my sorrow, taste my tears
for I’m entrusting you my unsung history.

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On being appreciated! – Liebster and Shine On Award –

So I’ll be hitting two awards with one post! 🙂

Let me thank Ms. Lorraine Marie Reguly who nominated me last month for Shine On award, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to accept then and post it here. Then to Ms. Crissybwell who nominated me for Liebster Award. 🙂 Thank you so much to both of you. Continue Reading