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Unknown love

He’ll never know how strongly a girl had once loved him.

// I got a request about unrequited love, this is not yet it though, sorry, i just feel so lazy writing these days and this all I could come up for now. 😔

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365, Prose, Quotes, Writings

I am my own muse

cynthia go

You’ll find me hiding somewhere in between the words I write and didn’t write.

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The sound of your heart beating against my ear is enough to lull me to sleep and calm my most wretched nightmares.

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I don’t love you

I trust you
More powerful and potent than love,
And all the I love you’s
in the world combined.

Poetry, Quotes, Writings

Once in a blue moon

When the blue moon lights the midnight sky
Release a heartfelt wish on a high
Only you and the night will know
The sacrifice your heart will owe.