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Unknown love

He’ll never know how strongly a girl had once loved him.

// I got a request about unrequited love, this is not yet it though, sorry, i just feel so lazy writing these days and this all I could come up for now. 😔

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365, Prose, Quotes, Writings

I am my own muse

cynthia go

You’ll find me hiding somewhere in between the words I write and didn’t write.

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The sound of your heart beating against my ear is enough to lull me to sleep and calm my most wretched nightmares.

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I don’t love you

I trust you
More powerful and potent than love,
And all the I love you’s
in the world combined.

Poetry, Quotes, Writings

Once in a blue moon

When the blue moon lights the midnight sky
Release a heartfelt wish on a high
Only you and the night will know
The sacrifice your heart will owe.



C.S. Lewis (Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories)

Why did one find it so hard to feel as one was told one ought to feel about God or about the sufferings of Christ? I thought the chief reason was that one was told one ought to. An obligation to feel can freeze feelings.


Morris West

Once you accept the existence of God – however you define Him, however you explain your relationship to Him – then you are caught forever with His presence in the center of all things. You are also caught with the fact that man is a creature who walks in two worlds and traces upon the walls of his cave the wonders and the nightmare experiences of his spiritual pilgrimage


Don Miguel Ruiz

The only way to change your story is to change what you believe about yourself. Every time you change the main character of your story, the whole story changes to adapt to the new main character.