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I heard before that the stars we see every night, those little source of light, twinkling and glittering and painting the night sky are long dead. Yet they still give beauty to everyone who looks at them at night. They still give hope and inspiration to everyone who finds meaning in their existence. Maybe that’s the reason why God created them. To remind us that even on the darkest of the darkest night of our soul, the memories of our loved ones can still give a glimmer of light and a twinkle in our hearts even when they are long gone, just like the stars.

I stare at the night sky today. The stars cannot be seen, the clouds obscuring their twinkling light. But I know behind those clouds, they’re still there. Somewhere far away in the distant. Alive and beating and twinkling, just in a different time. And who knows, maybe the stars do laugh and we’re just too far away behind in time to really know.

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There’s something so painful about chasing the memories and love of a dead person. It’s like trying to hope for a better future, a future you know that wouldn’t involve them anymore. A future you once thought would be all about you and him.

I heard our song on the radio while on my way to office, and I was hurled back in time in an instant. It’s still hard to grasp what happened, like it seems to happen just yesterday and I was on the pavement of the hospital, crying my heart and soul out.

What you did, why you did, the theories behind it, the mechanics, I all understand it now. I studied it for you. I just wish I’d understood it before when you’re still clinging to me for life support, like I’m your anchor that keeps you from floating away from this world that demands too much of you.

I wish I held your hand tighter, and hugged you a little bit longer, and listened to you a little bit more patiently. But I didn’t. I took you a little bit for granted because I thought you’d be my forever, that you’ll always be here on my side, that you’ll always be my partner in crime.

When you left us, the world stop spinning for me as if for punishment. That’s the time I also realized that time could bend, that time could stand still and that it could stop just like that for me, the bright noise of the world dimming in a blink of an eye, the curtains closing, and I’m left with nothing but your memories and the white noise behind.

And contrary to what you always say to me, I learned that there’s such thing as too late. And I’d been too late. I’m so sorry.

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An Open Letter to all the Girls: You’re not just a pretty icing on the cake

Dont make them your full course meal if you’re just an icing on their cake. You deserve more than that. You fucking deserve more than that. You deserve the moon and the stars and all those shit that guys promise to the girl they love. You deserve a goodnight text, not a ‘where are you, come here’ at 1 am. You deserve a goodmorning text, not a panic attack each night that he might be gone when you wake up. Hell, you deserve handwritten love notes and not just a text.

You deserve a breakfast in bed, or at the kitchen, as long as it is breakfast and it is your favorite pancake drizzled with your favorite chocolate and mapple syrup, because who cares if you gain a little bit of weight, he loves you anyways. You deserve a forehead kiss and tender kisses on your lips, and not a slap on your backside. You deserve a cuddle whenever you’re feeling out of sorts, and not a quick fuck. You deserve I love you’s, and not ‘give me some space’. You deserve much more than this. You deserve all of it, because girl, you are the baker of your own life and you… you can choose to be more than the pretty icing on their cake.

Not my usual type of writing though. 😁 Just came out of the blue for the prompt.

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Loving you is like being a moon falling in love with the sun, always from afar, never meeting, never touching.

We may exist in the same galaxy, breathe the same space, bound by the same time-continuum, created by the same Creator, yet here I am, and there you are, both of us tied to Earth out of obligation.

And then the people would always wonder why the moon is mercurial and moody, always waxing and waning, when they never know of our story, of a love that never meets.

Once in a while though, the heavens would pity us and would give us a chance to meet face to face and a solar eclipse would happen. I would bask in your warmth and all the people would watch in awe. Our encounters though never lasted for long, it always end as soon as it begin. Once in a while, the heavens would also remind us that our love is never meant to be, and a lunar eclipse would happen. On those days when I couldn’t even see your face, and your warmth couldn’t even reach me, all I can do is shed tears made of blood. And the people would wonder why the moon is so red then, when they never know of our story, of a love that never touches.

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365, Prose, Writing Entries, Writings

Heart Shivers

My heart died a long time ago when he stopped loving me, and I wasn’t able to feel for a long time. But every time you whisper my name and tell me stories before I sleep, of fairies and dragons and angels that fall in love with humans, you give little shivers and flutters to my heart that I’m starting to believe that my heart will soon start beating again because of you.

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