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I used to be confident on what lies ahead of me. That’s why I’m sure of the decisions I make, and the decisions I take, because I know where my feet shall go. But lately, my visions for the future had gone blurry, and awry, and I feel like everything is falling apart, and anywhere I look, whether inside my heart and my mind or outside of me, confusion and anxiety abounds. Everything is just bleak and foggy, and I feel like the grounds beneath my feet, on where I stand, are collapsing as fast as a quicksand, and I don’t freaking know where to go from here.

//excerpt from a book i’ll never write # 36

AN. I haven’t posted for such a long time! I was soooo busy. By the way, I just changed my email provider for this blog, so please bear with me! I’m not so sure yet how this one will perform or look. But you can now reply on this. =) so if you have any comments or suggestions or requests, just let me know. Though I must warn you that I’m not so good with requests. =)

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