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I love you as certain dark things are to be loved

“Tell me your secret,” he said. “How can you still glow, how can your bones speak of sunshine when I always keep you in the dark?”

She smiled and took his face in between her glowing hands. “Darkness, my love, you cannot keep the light out of me.” She kissed him gently on his forehead. “I am the moon, I will always have the light in me, no matter how dim outside.”

“Light and dark cannot be together. Will you leave me if I remove the shackles that bind you to me?” He fixed the reins on her wrist. “I’m always afraid that you’ll do.”

“No,” she shook her head, “I fall in love with how you cradle me to sleep each night, singing me silent songs that give me dreamless sleep, how you embrace me wholeheartedly every time the sun disappears from my sight, and how you soothe my sunburns with your kisses.” She shook her head again, “No, I fall in love with your darkness too much to leave you alone.”

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