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Loving her

I am sitting at the pew, waiting for the bride. My hands are getting clammy from nervousness, a million butterflies must have settled in my stomach since this morning. I cannot even sip a coffee without thinking of getting sick.

Wedding jitters, that’s what they would say. Ridiculous, I dismiss it easily on my mind. Who am I to have wedding jitters? I almost laugh on myself.

She is my best friend, my confidante, and my one and true love. We have been friends ever since we were kids. I ease my nerves by looking back at the memories we shared together. Her on the playground swing where we first met, her punching me in the face on 4th grade when I teased her about her boyish haircut, her smile when she won the interschool spelling bee contest on 6th grade, the first time I saw her cry when her dog died at junior high, the second time I saw her cry when she got her first heartbreak, she was all tears then but God, she’s still so beautiful in all those mess. After that, we became together, we became an official couple.

“Position!” the wedding organizer shouts, and I wake up from my reverie.

I put on my best smile, and stand beside the groom.

God, I still love her.

//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #11

– – –

My first time in years to write again (what I consider) a short story.

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