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You entered my life
and I couldn’t help
but question God,

You’re slowly, gradually, fading in my life
and I still couldn’t help
but ask again God,

Why should I even have to see you?
Meet you?
Feel you?
Fall for you?

What’s the purpose of this?
I still haven’t found the answer.

God has been quite silent all this time,
watching, observing,
maybe shaking His head from time to time
in all my unwise decisions,
but nevertheless mum all this time.

And I wonder if I would ever know
or this would be one of those
those things that get in the back burner of my mind
as years go by
and memories fade
and as realities turn into dreams
as vague as whispers wistfully carried by the wind
and petals being silently plucked out,
“Do you love me, or do you love me not?”


– – –
Inspired by Inspiration Monday prompt: Meet Your Destiny



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