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How it feels like

So this is how it feels like
To see you again
To see the sudden flash of recognition from your face
You, standing across the opposite train
And I, seated comfortably on the other side.
We must have looked like
The actors in Hollywood movies,
The kind that ends in happily-ever-after
Only ours, never even start
With happily-ever-before.

I wanted to convince myself
That my innocent heart raced
Like in the past, upon seeing you
But to my surprise and dismay,
None of that happened.

You stared at me and I glanced at you
Briefly, with me
Never wanting to look
On your way again, for a second time
Not this time.

Don’t mistake me, for
It isn’t pride, or shyness,
Not even an attempt to flirt in subtlety
Instead, it is
Just as it is.

Now I know,
Maybe, just maybe
That this time, I understand
That this is how it feels like
To be the one who walks away.

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