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Amidst two kisses and loves

A year ago I wrote a poem for him
A year after that, nothing change
Apart from my poem’s claim
And my feelings for you and him

Thinking of him still reassures me
Makes me feel safe, secure
Thinking of you still unnerves me
Makes me want to run, disappear

His embrace is as steady
Unfailing as a cold marble
Your embrace is as encapsulating
Comforting as a warm blanket

His kiss feels like floating
On a cloud on a first winter day
With snowflakes falling softly on the ground
And songs of angels singing fill the air.

Your kiss feels like of earth being set on fire
Where the ground shake with chaos, confusion and doubt
All the while interspersing seamlessly
With love abound

His perfectness I must have adored
For it’s your humanness I have loved
For while he is my heaven
You are my home
And while he is my dream,
You are my sleep

He is my peaceful breeze on a rainy plight
While you are my thunder on my calm night
He is my winter,
You are my fall
He is my calmness,
You are my elation.

But none of that
Seems to matter now
For both of you
Are leaving me

He is my past
You are my present
But neither of you
Seem to belong to my future.


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