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LATE UPDATES: Philippine Blog Awards

It’s been almost four months ago since I’ve last written anything constructive here, and I never thought I would even write again. Seriously! First, from not finding any more time, and then to losing my creative streak, and then to some sudden stupid realizations I have for the past weeks, I have felt that it would be worthless if I continued to write.

So I just STOPPED.

And because of that, naturally, I didn’t even bother to check this blog and my email ad for any updates, comments, likes, followers, etc. Until yesterday when I suddenly thought of checking my mail and I saw this!

Finalist Invitation 2011 Philippine Blog Awards

And I really didn’t know what I’m supposed to feel after reading it. I was one of the 10 finalist for Philippine Blog Awards – Literature/Literary Category (National) and I am not even aware of it! I felt a mixture of disbelief, happiness, and frustration–but mostly frustration and pang-hihinayang that I was not able to attend the said Awards Night, and I wasn’t able to meet the fellow bloggers.

Finalists for the Literature/Literary Category - National Level

But oh well, the past is past for a reason.

No need for sulking.

Lesson learned.

Next time–I’m crossing my fingers that there’s still a next time, and a next chance to be nominated again and (hopefully) be included again to the finalists–I would be more vigilant!

Though a question for me still remains: How could I write again?

P.S. A heartfelt congratulations to Pointless Paranoia!… 🙂 and to all the winners of PBA.

P.S (2) I have yet to check the other blogs.



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    john tugano

    December 10, 2011

    yes of course you can make it next time my friend..still I wanted to congratulate you..=)

    • Reply

      Pink Woods

      December 10, 2011

      awww! thank you so much John! it’s been such a long time and I miss you and the others! 🙂

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