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The Black Scroll


I was taking a bite from the sandwich I brought from the school cafeteria when I saw a guardian approaching me. He was carrying the all-too-familiar black scroll on his hand. As usual, it only means one thing to me, another work to be done, another soul to lookout to its rightful destination.

“You have such an easy life there,” the guardian said when he reached me. Then, he sat across me.

“You bet.”

I was always annoyed whenever the guardians treated me as if I have the best side in life. Unlike the guardians, I have the authorization to live and interact with the humans. Actually, it was a command for all the Angels of In-Between to live with humans, with the only restriction of not telling them of our real nature, and of course, not to engage in sex with them.

I took a bite of my sandwich; I waited for him to give me the black scroll. But he just watched me as I ate the sandwich. Is he testing my patience? If he is, then he won, because I grew impatient by the time I finished it all.

“Now, would you give me that or what?” If only I could snatch that scroll to him. But I wasn’t allowed to. The black scroll can only be passed.

“She’s…she’s going to the central,” he then said, his eyes on the scroll that he still clutched tightly. I noticed that his face reflected disappointment, like that of a boy who just received rejection from a girl.

“Central.” I repeated as if the word was foreign to me. “Not bad.” And I meant it.

“It is bad!”

“No it isn’t. In fact, you did a good job.”

“How could you say that?” He was furious.

I looked at him calmly.

“You cannot make people go to Father’s Home. It’s their choice. Not your fault. You know the rules. You cannot interfere with their lives without them letting you. Now…” I motioned for him to give me the scroll.

He hesitated, but he gave in.

I opened the scroll and looked into it. A black scroll usually shows a moving picture of the Person and some basic details.

Given Name: Anna Victoria Brown
Birthdate: August 24, 1942
Gender: Female
Time left: 3 hours, 14 minutes, 7 seconds
Destination: Central

He still looked crestfallen.

“You know, you should be glad, it has been a long time since someone even managed to go to the Central.”

He took a deep sigh. “Most people are already blinded by worldly things. My last charge before Annavi—that’s her nickname—was a teenage boy. He just lasted 17 years on Earth! And he went straight to Enemy’s Lair. Remember?”


“Oh, I thought you might just remember. But the thing is, after that boy, I promised to myself that I wouldn’t let any souls go to the Enemy’s Lair again, well, of course, I’m referring to the souls assigned to me.”

“She will go to the Central. There is still a chance.”

I looked at the moving picture. Anna Victoria Brown seemed to be watching after the boy, a son perhaps.

“She’s a single mom, you know. A good mom, but still it wasn’t really enough.”

He stood abruptly, and bowed to me. “I have to go now; I had to be there before it happens, and…”

He hesitated.

“I won’t be late.” I assured him. I was never late, not even in one case. But guardians need assurance in times like these.

As an Angel of In-between, my job is to supervise the Event. We are chosen to be the witnesses since we are considered as the most objective of all angels, having to experience to have an angel and a human life at the same time, and to be acquainted with the Three Levels: Enemy’s Lair, Central, and Father’s Home.

I have to make sure that there will be no violence on either side. Death could not force the Human to kiss his life away, and the guardian could not interfere when their charge chooses Death.

He bowed again, looking more relieved. Then he walked away, and disappeared among the groups of students filling the cafeteria.

I focused my attention again on the scroll. Anna Victoria Brown was now inside the house.  In about 3 hours, Death will arrive to her.


And I wondered.

Life is something that people always waste. It is something they have yet they feel that they don’t have. They only realized what life is at the point of their meeting with Death. I could always see that, in their eyes. It would reflect an instant knowing, like suddenly, in just a matter of second, they see their whole life and realized what they have missed. But as always, it’s too late. Death’s charm has already worked.

Death is really a beautiful being. But of course, it was just an illusion. When people came face to face with Death, Death would assume the look of the most handsome or beautiful image their mind could conjure. It is hard to face Death without being tempted. When they let Death kissed them, usually, it would be the end.

Ever since I became what people called as Angel of Death, I could only count a very few cases who had found Life after Death. It was a really rare case. You could not just expect a person to found Life in Death, when they hadn’t found Life when they have life.

Unfortunately, unlike what most people think, there is really no life after Death kisses them. There is only further Death at the Enemy’s Lair.

I stood and decided whether to skip classes or not. I still have 3 hours. I don’t want to appear too early because it would appear that I’m siding with the guardians. And I’m not.

I sighed.

I wanted to quit this job.

I am loving the carefree life of Humans.


This is my entry for the Sunday Picture Press: Double Prompt Cookie of IndigoSpider.

I used the Visual Prompt 1 and the Prompt 2 of the Twist. This is one the most hardest stories that I’ve written. I just can’t seem to let the words and ideas flow. I feel that there’s something wrong, and the ideas were not really that cohesive. And I have trouble imagining the scenes. I couldn’t just relate to the Angel In-between! The problem is that I have realized that after I’ve written it! Maybe, it would be better if I had written it in Death’s point of view. Or the Guardian’s point of view. Though, I will probably do so after I post this. 🙂

Oh, and forgive me if it was another angel kind of story. 😀


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    Indigo Spider

    July 30, 2011

    This is an interesting idea, an angel in-between, rather than just Death or Guardian. I particularly like “They only realized what life is at the point of their meeting with Death.”

    I see what you mean about not sure with the point of view but maybe if you think of the angel in-between almost as a referee between Death and Guardian it will help you crystallize your thoughts. I think if you let it sit for a little bit and rewrite you can turn this into a really strong story, from the angel in-between point of view and how s/he is the pivot between Death and Guardian.

    Overall, I liked this!

    • Reply

      pink woods

      July 30, 2011

      Thank you for that comment. 🙂 You helped me there. Sometimes, the problem with me whenever I write stories is that I started writing without thinking of all the characters and their situations. Usually, it works for me, because I’m the kind of person who develop the story as I write. But this isn’t the case in this one. I had a hard time when I wrote this because the story just don’t develop that easily. I found myself, editing and deleting, and not knowing what should be the next scene. The thing is, I should have sat for a while and imagine how it should go all about. 🙂 Thanks for that help.

      • Reply

        Indigo Spider

        August 1, 2011

        I am not a planner either. I sit, write out the story as it comes to me. But, a good tip, write it out and then let it sit for a day or two. When you go back you will see what works, what doesn’t, how to rewrite it and make it a stronger story. Sometimes stories come out great right from your fingertips but most stories need a little time to sit. Very, very rarely do any of my stories go straight from typing to publish, I always let them sit for a while before rewriting.

        • Reply

          pink woods

          August 1, 2011

          Thank you for that nice tip! I’ll definitely do that next time.

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