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Title: An unusual story.

Image of a moon

The moon was falling. Literally. The moon was falling like how an apple would fall from the tree because of gravity! And worst, everybody was seeing it. People were screaming here and there.

Oh no! This is the end!

We would surely die!


What the hell, the mooooon!

Hide! Hide! Let’s all hide!

Chaos was taking over on what should be a lovely quiet evening. Most of the people were panicking and were running idiotically everywhere. Some were standing rigidly on where they are—looking like a bunch of catatonics freed at the middle of the city—while their gazes were transfixed at the moon falling on the sky. I know that “catatonics freed at the middle of the city” sounds ironic, as “freed” means unrestrained, and catatonics looks anything but unrestrained.

However, it was a lucky thing that only those who looked like catatonics saw what happened next. I swear (in the present tense because I’m swearing now as you read this) that everything happened fast as I swear also that I’m not one of those catatonic-like people even though I still know what happened by heart.

So what happened was that the moon changed and transformed as it fell down fast through the earth. First, the moon had shrunk in size until it was about the size of a golf ball. Though no one who saw really knew if it had been really reduced to a size of a golf ball or it just seemed to be because of the illusion of distance.

Then the shrunken moon glowed so brightly that people who saw it could swear that they were like looking directly at the sun. Although, not really like the sun because it did not hurt the eyes of those who see. The moon emitted a very bright yet more feminine and cool kind of light. Afterwards, like an asteroid, the moon gained its speed and was thrown into the sky to the ends of the earth.

She saw and heard everything that happened, how the people screamed and ran, and the terrified looks in their faces. And she was saddened. By the way, “She” refers to the moon.

Now, you might wonder why the moon suddenly had feelings, and could sense. Allow me to explain that by bringing you to the moon’s past, just a little past, before she fell on the sky.

Once upon a time, when the world was still young and the moon was also still young, and the earth has only a few inhabitants… The moon was very happy. The inhabitants of the earth would always look at the sky and admired the stars, and would regard the moon as the most beautiful thing in the sky. The sun wasn’t jealous, because the sun is a “he,” and the sun himself admired the moon. But after a long long long long long time (a really long time) the inhabitants of the earth became busy, and they started to build buildings and other high structures that soon block the view of the night sky. The inhabitants became so busy with worldly anxieties that they never cared to look at the moon at night. And this made the moon sad. She longed for the time that people would appreciate again her beauty.

And because the moon was sad, the sun also became sad, as the sun developed a deep loyal love for the moon. However, the moon was not aware of it. —Now, this is another story, perhaps a love story, worth telling you in another time. But to give you a glimpse of what the sun did: The sun, in his anger to the people for making the moon sad, decided to intensify the heat that he is giving to the inhabitants, and he cursed that anyone who had the courage to look at him for a long time, would surely be blinded by his anger.

Back to the story of the moon: One night (just the night before she fell to the sky), she decided to ask the Creator of everything for one special request, and because the Creator saw how deeply depressed the moon was about her state, He granted the moon’s request.

The moon’s request was this: To be a human being.

Now the story doesn’t end with the moon being a human, because that would be a dull legend and readers don’t like dull endings. So for a twist, the Creator decided to agree with the moon’s request, yet He gave a limitation. Just like before, the moon—now a human–could only be seen at night.

What does she do during the day? No one knows. No one could see her at day.

The story isn’t really a happy ending, nor is it tragic, because no one knows if the moon is happy with her new life.

But one thing is for sure.

The story, again, does not yet end here.

It was rather a  disconcerting story, but the sun (with his great love for the moon) also pleaded with the Creator.


This story is my first attempt to write in the genre of metafiction, so I wasn’t really sure if I had done it right.  But I really enjoyed writing it. This is also my entry for Sonia G. Medeiros – July Writing Challenge with a theme “Moonstruck”.


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    Sonia G Medeiros

    July 12, 2011

    I love that image of the moon falling like an apple…and the catatonics freed in the middle of the city. 😀 I’ve never tried metaficiton. It’s really interesting. I love the way the story branches out and comes back to the original thread. I may try my hand at metafiction too. 😀

    • Reply

      pink woods

      July 12, 2011

      Yes, try it! Metafiction is really interesting, it’s another way of telling a story. In fact, I’m planning to read more books with that kind of genre, so that I could learn more on how it is done. 🙂 Thank you for passing by.

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  • Reply

    T. K. Guthat

    July 23, 2011

    Unusual indeed 🙂 It has an almost conversational quality to it – like it’s a piece oral storytelling. And I’m with Sonia: I love the line: “looking like a bunch of catatonics freed at the middle of the city”

    • Reply

      pink woods

      July 23, 2011

      Thank you T.K Guthat! 🙂 I like it that you said it’s “unusual”. I’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂

  • Reply

    Billie Jo Woods

    August 4, 2011

    Wow, you are totally right, my story is almost like a part two to your story! Fantastic! I love the imagery you used, especially around the falling from the sky.

    • Reply


      August 4, 2011

      Hahaha. What a coincidence right? Anyway, thanks, I’m glad you read my story.

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  • Reply


    August 5, 2011

    Love it! You have a humorous and thought-provoking voice and style.

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